Rusulena, Ρουσούλενα / Kastorianos – Greece

Rusulena (roo-soo-leh-NAH) is a Greek folk song that has a dance attached to it.  The song is said to be about a quarrel between a prospective bride and her prospective mother-in-law.  Rusulena is also known as Kastorianos.

Kastorianos means ‘dance from Kastor’, a town and region in Greece on the Albanian border near Macedonia.  Naturally, Kastor has more than one dance, and unfortunately, there are at least two very different dances named Kastorianos – even by Greeks.


Back to the song and dance.  Here it is in its simplest form.  All women.  Pounding fist on hand represents the ‘argument’.

Here it is without singing

John Pappas remembers footwork more like a syrto, & clapping instead of pounding fists

And here’s that dance, with even simpler clapping.

And an even simpler version, no longer a syrto.

And some music – very Macedonian!

A performing group has turned this into a couple dance – fighting with each other!


See also the children’s dance Kastorianos.

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