Fujara – Uniquely Slovak Instrument

The musical instrument fujara <foo-yah-rah> originated in central Slovakia as a large sophisticated folk shepherd´s overtone fipple flute of unique design. It is technically a contrabass in the tabor pipe class. And Slovaks are proud of it.

The Fujara is Slovakia’s amazing adaptation of a recorder. Learn more about it here.  Press the cc tab  (bottom right) for English subtitles.

Even more details are available below.


One thought on “Fujara – Uniquely Slovak Instrument

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  1. I bought one of these in Slovakia back in the 1980s. It does not have the tone of this instrument. The first scale that is accessible is the lydian scale (basically a major scale with a raised 4th) – odd in Western European music, but common in Slovak and Podhale Polish music.


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