Hemshen/Hamshen – Armenians/Turks

See the posting https://folkdancefootnotes.org/culture/ethnicity-history-geography/hemshin-hamshen-armenians-turks/

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  1. I have to thank you for this article and the associated YouTube videos; I was able to track down the recordings used and download them (legally) for use later. What great music. Joe Graziosi, at one of the EEFC Balkan Camps spoke of the Hemshin but I had only a few rather uninteresting tracks of their music to play; now i have 2 CDs worth. It is great stuff: very Karadeniz/Black Sea, but with a different twist.


  2. I was in some of the villages pictured in the first video, 2 summer ago. Although the video makes the point that the Laz are closer to the Black Sea than the mountains, I stayed in Ayder, at a higher altitude than some of the photos, and much of the population there is Laz – they look just like Georgians from Svaneti (not surprising given the Laz language). The Hemshin are fairly strict Moslems, but the Laz will drink you under the table. They all play Tulum (bagpipe) and kemenche. The bar (yes, a bar) across the street from my hotel had live music every night and the dancing was great. They scenery is spectacular, with many waterfalls from the snow melt from the upper Kachkar mountains.

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