Odzemok – Slovak National Dance

See https://folkdancefootnotes.org/dance/a-real-folk-dance-what-is-it/1st-generation-dances/odzemok-slovakia/

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  1. The tune used in the first, and several other of the YouTube videos, is well known among the Podhale Polish (Górale). Where the dance is similar. A lot of these steps were learned group to group at post WWII folk festivals. I particularly like the first video because the styling was so different and is is not from any of the Tatra mountain related areas. Check out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fMblmC3qcGs – “Zbojnicki” (= outlaw dance). Believe it or not, the Górale Polish in Chicago do this at their festival and some weddings (which they hold separately from the other Poles; i was told that the other Poles in Chicago admire the Górale, but can’t stand the music…).


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