Folk Dancers, Type 1 of 3. – Traditional


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  1. I had the privilege of attending some weddings in Romania. I was just passing through some villages during wedding season and was invited to join in the proceedings. It was a wonderfully intense experience in all instances. Everyone was having a good time and, as you say, it was all about having fun with friends. I learned some new things, but little that I could bring home to a recreational folk dance group – they were too “easy”. In one case in the south, about 3 am, when many had gone to bed, the band played “Ca la ușa cortului” (a nice dance taught in the US by Eugenia Popescu-Județ and reviewed by Dick Crum) . Because I had too much țuică, I started to do that dance. The few folks still up at that hour looked me, puzzled, and said “it looks Bulgarian”. I stopped. The dance I knew was from Olteniaș I was in Amara in Muntenia; little difference to us, but a big difference to them.


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