Kolo event, 1914, described

See https://folkdancefootnotes.org/culture/special-occasions/kolo-event-1914-described/

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  1. I am not sure about the quivering nostrils, but it all sounds good to me. By the way my wife and i visited the Bridge over the Drina At Visegrad (in your photo) and it is a marvel. It lasted through several Balkan wars, earthquakes, and almost WWII. The Nazis drove tanks across it , and the Allies drove them back across it, afterward blowing up one span to be sure they couldn’t come back. That one span is the only “restored” part. It was designed by the great Turkish architect Sinan, who also stabilized Aya Sophia so it wouldn’t fall down, and designed the largest mosques the Turks ever built, all of which survived earthquakes. he was the greatest Architect of his age. His family was either Greek or Armenian (both claim him), and was a product of the so-called “boy tax” – brought up as Moslem, to be a soldier, but when he showed great skill in mathematics, they “fast tracked” him into the sciences. Amazing man. His students made sure his mausoleum was built according to his wishes, across the street from what he considered his masterpiece in Istanbul (he did a larger one in Edeirne, but is is not as graceful, according to some).


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