Dramskoto – Bulgaria (Pirin), North Macedonia

See: https://folkdancefootnotes.org/dance/a-real-folk-dance-what-is-it/2nd-generation-dances/dramskoto-bulgaria-pirin-north-macedonia/

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  1. Katerino Mome is a song, to which this all-purpose Balkan dance has been fitted It only became a dance name after it was introduced by folk dance teachers, and was around a long time before Katerino Mome was composed less than 50 years ago. This is the same pattern as Setnja, Hora Mare from Bukovina, or one form of hassaposerviko. The speed or direction of the steps my vary slightly , but it is the same dance. At least one Serbian “ballroom kolo” is based on this, e.g. Sarajevko Kolo. Interestingly, I went to a dance in Cleveland decades ago, which was held by the Greeks who were from Crete, who held their dances separately from the other Greeks at the church. They did all the usual dances from Crete – Haniotiko syrto, sousta, pentozali, maleviziotiko, etc. and then they did this dance, but faster and with bounces on the slow beats. At that time I had not seen it, and I asked about it. They said they had learned it from a Greek who had been living in Romania, and they called it “the Bulgarian dance”. These things get around.


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