Katerino Mome/Ventsi’s Arap – Pirin, Bulgaria

Click: https://folkdancefootnotes.org/dance/a-real-folk-dance-what-is-it/2nd-generation-dances/katerino-mome-ventsis-arap-pirin-bulgaria/

One thought on “Katerino Mome/Ventsi’s Arap – Pirin, Bulgaria

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  1. Excellent. Arap has been around a long time – the version Dick Crum taught to “Zajko Kokorajo” has been in the US so long that it has acquired a lot of odd “American Folk Dancer” stylings, but it is the same dance. It is done from northern Greece to Bulgaria, where it seems to have undergone a revival – it is easy and can be done to many tunes in that rhythm, not just Katerino Mome (which i think was composed by Tatiana Sarbinska). The first few videos you show are of the other important “generic” dance in Pirin, what we call “Maleshevsko”, but which can be modified with the usual two 1-2-3’s substituting for 2 slower running steps, etc.Yes, all but the Greek video are stage groups, but the dances they are doing are done in Bulgaria now, but using other songs.


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