Maleševsko Oro – East Macedonians


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  1. the basic 8-measure Maleshevsko is done all over the place, as you say, but it is not always called that. Michael Ginsburg teaches a dance he researched in Eastern Republic of Macedonia, called “Changulovo”. It is Maleshevsko, but to a specific tune. In the same village, he said, they showed him about 20 dances, all with slightly different steps and each to a particular melody, but all basically Maelshevsko. There are many videos by the very purist folk group “Leb i Vino” on Youtube showing Maleshevsko, but never calling it that. As with many places in the Balkans, people request tunes from the musicians and then dance whatever. Finally, I learned a dance from a Pirin Bulgarian (not a dance teacher at all) that he called “Pirinska Chetvorka”. it was your basic 8-count Maleshevsko, but done to any song in 7/8 divided 3+2+2. So this dance is like Syrto in Greece. You like a song, you order it, and then do the local dance.


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