ШИРТО, Širto, – Macedonian Bulgaria [revised]

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  1. Shirto is very much a living dance. The Pirin Bulgarian immigrants here in St. Louis do Shirto to what American Folkdancers do Lesno to, as you say. They do not do the version in most of your videos, but one ms. Dimitrova taught. No, they did not learn it at any workshops, it is what they do . It does not get on youtube as much because it is so typical and basic to them that they would not see the point in videoing it (except to document a wedding). It is a regional dance, not a “Bulgarian” or Greek” dance, as you say. This is even more true of Thracian Greek dances, which are not re-named Bulgarian dances. Remember, the Thracian Greeks now living in the Evros valley of Eastern/”Thracian” Greece were originally from around Plovdiv and were invited to leave about 100 years ago. They did not borrow Bulgarian dances and then rename them; these were Thracian dances that those living in Thrace did, what ever the language. The names are in local language and are descriptive – Rûchenitsa = Mandilatos, and both translate into “handkerchief”. Sometimes the name was kept, but the pronunciation was varied a bit, it is true (e.g. Trite Pûti became Tris potis or Stis Tris, etc.). Like you said, somebody throws up a border and then people want to attach a nationality to a dance rather than a geographic region. Hungarian nationalists have a lot of trouble with this. Serious folklorists I have talked to, talk about Transylvanian regions, but do not say what the Romanian speakers did there was what they learned from the Magyar populations. That is not what the nationalists would have you believe, though.

    (p.s.: Leb i Vino is very much legit – they are a folklore cooperative that makes its own clothing, cooks only traditional foods, and promotes the old ways. They are centered in Melnik and, it is true, support themselves with demonstrations, etc., but they are very much a purist group, only showing what the locals do (not what they did)).


    1. Thanks very much for this, John. I will revise my opinions and posting tomorrow (I hope). Do you know if Širto is living among Macedonians in Pirin?

      On Mon, Aug 31, 2020 at 10:19 PM Folkdance Footnotes wrote:



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