Transylvania/Erdély/Ardeal – Romania


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    1. thanks for the link to the Eminescu Trust. One of the restored manor houses, the Apafi Manor in Mălîncrav, is right across from one of the bigger ans best restored fortified churches. We walked around it and saw it could be rented by groups and single families. No one was there , and we had no idea just how much it had been restored. These photos tell all: Thanks, John


  1. It was nice to see these areas, many of which my wife and i visited in 2019, and in the 1970s, again. I saw Viscri in 1978 and then again in 2019 – Prince Charles made sure that it was preserved the way it was. What the video does not make clear is that Viscri is now occupied by ethnic Romanians (the Germans all moved out in 1990). They were allow to take over the houses provided that they not change the exteriors. this was done through the Eminescu Trust, set up by Prince Charles, who funded it, but was adamant about its remaining a Romanian function. You can’t see his name on anything, but the locals know what he did, and greatly respect him for it. We stayed one valley over in a restored German farmstead, now owned by ethnic Romanians, complete with German furniture . We also visited Archita (there is a video in this posting about that place). Just northwest of there, there is a sudden change to modern agrobusiness, and a consequent homogenization of the countryside. There is a terrible beauty to this place, and more even than you can get from this very nice compilation of videos. Thanks.


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