Pet je kumi (v jedni kleti) – Croatia

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One thought on “Pet je kumi (v jedni kleti) – Croatia

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  1. Lado made several versions of its best repertoire. In his liner notes for the teaching CD of this dance, Željko Jergan said the original to the music he used was arranged by Božo (Božedar) Potočnik. The music from Međimurje has a Hungarian sound for the reasons you mentioned. Jeljko said that local songs and dances were suppressed by the Hungarians and, while some of the songs were remembered, the dances were all lost. After WWII, when the area became part of the Croatian republic of the new Yugoslavia, dance instructors came in and created dances for the region to some to the surviving songs. Many of them stuck and became part of village repertoire; others survived only in performing groups. Raca Plava is an example of this. I am not sure which category Pet je kumi is in, or if it is a newer creation.


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