The Most Important Folk Dances – Updated


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  1. I know there has been controversy over American’s assumptions about is done in North Macedonia to slow 7/8 music (divided 3+2+2), and the use of the word “lesno”; however that basic dance, done to various rhythms and different names (sta tria in Epirus, Greece, pravo in Bulgaria, etc.) is, in fact, done in Slavic Macedonia. In some areas (and in neighboring Pirin district Bulgaria) they do ширто – širto to the same music. Both should be added to the list. By the way, the Macedonians in our area do lesno to all the usual songs, and, no, they did not learn it from the local folkdance clubs.

    I would also add to your list a heading for Pontic Greeks – a large diaspora, and both here and in Greece (where they now reside), they ALL do tík and dhipat omal, along with the basic 3-measure structure everyone does in the area.

    I certainly agree with your exhortation to include these dances in the repertoire of every IFD group. Sometimes it is just a matter of finding appealing music – it is out there, and of better quality than your average mp3 of a cassette of a 45rpm pirate of an original 78rpm disc that I have heard in some clubs.


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