Horon Alta Es La Luna (2*)

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  1. the first person to teach this was Steve Kotansky, who saw these steps done at a Sephardic Jewish party. At that time he saw the steps done to several pieces of music, so Steve picked this tune because it was pleasant and fit the style he had heard. most of the other people in the room just did the first part, obviously a syrto, but Steve’s eye was drawn to 3-4 older women who did a sort of mix and match depending on the music. Steve said it was from those steps that he constructed this dance. this was presented at Balkan camp, and he did not use the term “horon” at that time. About 2 years later I heard that other teachers had started teaching it with stylistic changes. (For example, the second part as a “cross, back, step” as opposed to the “cross, side step” that Steve taught.). could it be that the other teachers did their own research? Or were they re-presenting the dance Steve taught, in light of other experiences they may have had with the style.

    The “horon” part of the name should not be there, any more than one would say “horon syrto” or “Horon tsamiko”. when “horon” is applied to a dance name it is usually because the locals have no name, so we have to call it “horon Karsalideikon” (the dance from Kars), or whatever.

    Certainly you should ask Steve about this. I have his e-mail, if you need it. -John



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