Brâu (de) din bănăț, Brâu bănățean (L*) – Romanian


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  1. This is interesting. As soon as I got on line years ago, I looked up this dance and all I found was that it was “no longer done”. All the music (including the 20 examples I have in my collection) was in 7/8. Here is an example: . This was all confirmed by the Romanian/American ethnochoreologist John Omorean at a workshop in Chicago. The one exception was a dance taught by Mihai David years ago called “Brîul lui Ioșcă” which was in 2/4, done in a shoulder hold, and had a second step that was basically the same as in the samples you gave. The dance pattern in your examples is known all over the Banat in couple dances as well, so this seems to be a fusion of old items into a dance that everyone can do. One source (again, at a Chicago workshop) said that the old 7/8 brîul/brâul was basically like the Serbian U Šest, but done in a belt hold and in 7-8. This would make it much like the old dance Žikino Kolo the way many tamburica bands play it. I hope some other of your readers could comment on this.


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