Karsilamás, karşılaması (L*) – Greece & Turkiye

Click: https://folkdancefootnotes.org/dance/a-real-folk-dance-what-is-it/about/karsilamas-karsilamasi-l-greece-turkiye/

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  1. The video which is labeled “Armenian” may be being danced by Armenians… but the song is a Greek tune, sung in Greek at a Greek festival in Santa Barbara which is in Southern California. I don’t know the dancers, though one maybe someone I used to know. I would do a regular Greek karsilamas to that tune… what would make it Armenian?


    1. Don here. My apologies for not captioning this YouTube more clearly. You are correct that if you watched this YouTube in my website only, you could read that it was from the Santa Barbara Greek festival in California, could probably deduce that the music was in 9/8 time, and therefore Greeks would likely dance karislamás to it.

      I should have added that if you watch the YouTube separately using the link I provided, the full caption underneath reads “Santa Barbara Greek Festival, 2016 ~ Karsilamas danced Armenian Style!!”

      That still doesn’t explain why the dancers, who are likely not Armenians themselves, believe they are dancing “Armenian style”. Do they know Armenians who dance this way? Have they seen Armenian videos of this footwork? Was it told to them by Armenian relatives or friends of Armenians? That is why I asked “Anyone want to fill me in?” I have since clarified my posting. Thanks, Anne, for helping to improve it, let’s hope someone else will help us find answers.


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