Kerem Eyle – “Turkish” Serbia

KEREM EYLE (keh-rehm eh-leh) Serbia
This dance was choreographed by a Serbian named Dragan Paunovic in the ’90’s, based on Turkish Roma (or Albanian) moves. It was taught to me at the Lyrids Festival last April by a visiting Italian teacher, Roberto Bagnoli.  It is a compelling combination of music and movement.   Here’s Roberto himself demonstrating the dance
Below is the mp3 of the dance music: adapted by Roberto from the fabulous CD Ayde Mori
Kerem d
The song turns out to be a traditional “Turkish” song that is much more popular in Serbia than Turkey.  It may have originated among the Turkish population of southern Serbia when that area was still part of the Ottoman Empire.  Even after the area became independent of Turkey, many Turks remained.  “Turkish” to a Serb means anyone of Moslem orientation, including Albanians, Roma, and Turks – all of whom lived in that area.
Spelled slightly differently – “Keremejli” has many YouTubes of Serbians singing the song – none from Turkey, even though its sung in Turkish.  Our version is by a young Balkan group who learned it off a Serbian Roma recording by Usnija Redzepova, (attached below).
I’ve also attached an a capella version by Myriam, due to its clear diction.
Kerem Ly

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