1.CALENDAR – Special Occasions in the Yearly Cycle

This site is under construction.  The aim is to list all major holidays in chronological order.  All events listed here have their own pages in CULTURE>Special Occasions.  Dances associated with Special Occasions are in bold italics and are listed under the dance name.  As a post is added, it will also be listed here.

Before Lent – Carnival –

Saturday before Palm Sunday – Lazaruvane

Easter Week – Easter Sunday, Monday, Tuesday Tai Tai

APRIL 24 (MAY 6) – ST George’s Day –

MAY 21 (JUNE 6) – Saints Constantine & Helena – Fire Walking – Anastenaria, Nestinarstvo

JUNE 24 – St John the Baptist – Dragaica, Sanzienele, Dragaicuta

After harvest – Wedding season

DECEMBER 24 – Budni Vecher

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