Neveno Mori, Neveno (Arap) – English lyrics

This Macedonian folk song is currently a popular accompaniment in Bulgaria to the dance Arap horo.

Sung by Grivatsi.
Sung by Vasil Videnov

None of the YouTubes above sing exactly the same verses as the lyrics below, though the Grivatsi version is quite close (except for the first and fourth verses.) The version translated below is from the LP record Tanec, RTB LPV 175 , available from discogs.

Nevena, a woman's name, translates literally as "marigold".

//Nevena dear, Nevena,// 
lele, hey, pampered name.

// May God strike dead, Nevena, //
 your old godparents.

//Who gave you the name,
the name of pretty Nevena. //

//Nevena, marigold in the garden, //  
//Nevena, mother’s only daughter,
Nevena, father’s only daughter.//

 //As the marigold withers in the garden, //
                                                 // may the boys wither for our pretty Nevena.//                                                     

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