Yar Ko Parag (S*) music

*S is for Song. So? A song and/or melody has a life independent of whatever dance it may be attached to. Why that’s important is explained here.

Yar Ko Parag is a hauntingly beautiful traditional Armenian song.  Here’s an old version of it recorded by Asdghig Kamalian.

In 1998, Haig Yazdjian released his version on the CD Garin

Here’s the lyrics & translation

Yar ko lyr

Upon hearing Haig Yazdjian’s version, the Armenian dance instructor from Holland, Tineke van Geel felt compelled to add some choreography, and she did a great job.          See Yar Ko Parag under 2nd Generation Dances.

Here’s another rendition by Haig and his group.  Born in Aleppo, Syria, he lives in Athens, where this was filmed.

The wind instrument in the opening is the Armenian national reed instrument, the Duduk, made from apricot wood.  Big sound from a little oboe, due to the huge reed – ya gotta blow your brains out!


Haig, in the center, is playing the oud, ancestor of the lute (derived from Arabic al-oud).     https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oud


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