Opa Čupa – Serbian Roma music, UK choreography

Šaban Bajramović “The King of Gypsy Music”, wrote the song Opa Čupa in 1977.  This YouTube also gives a brief biography of  the man.   He’s singing the official Roma anthem Djelem Djelem (which he did NOT write: everything else on the screen titles agrees with what is written elsewhere).

Here’s he’s singing Opa Čupa.  By the way, he preferred to be called Gypsy, not Roma.

Andy Bettis from the UK is credited with choreographing a dance to the song.  Steve Kotansky brought it to the USA.

NOTE: This choreography, purposely composed for the International Folk Dance Community, should not be confused with the individualistic, spontaneous, improvised moves, (seldom involving holding hands), that are characteristic of Roma dancing.

Op Cup

There are also slightly different versions;

Some IFD groups prefer to dance to the music of Brass Menažeri, from Oakland CA.

Opa C

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