Sirun Aghchik (Sweet Girl) – English Lyrics

For more information about the song’s composer, Udi Hrant, and the dance Sirun Aghchik, click:

The original Udi Hrant recording.
"Lyrics to Siroun Aghchig as sung by Oudi Hrant." Source: Harry Kezelian

Sirun aghchig, sirun yar        Pretty girl, pretty love
Yegur, yegur, hokis ar           Come, come, take my soul
Arants kezi chem grnar         I can't do without you
Ur vor yertas hedet dar        Wherever you go, take me with you

Hedet dar intz nonoshig       Take me with you, little darling
Naz mi'ner aghvor ghushig   Don't be coy, my lovely little bird
Shakar es tun anushig          You are sugar, little sweetie
Ellam vodkerut goshig          Let me be shoes for your feet

Yes madanit ellayi                 If I were your ring
Madnemadit antsneyi           I'd pass onto your ring finger
Bachig me kezi dayi              I would give you a kiss
Hedo gyankes hantsneyi      Then surrender my life
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