Šano dušo (Vranjanka) – Sheet music

Vranjanka refers to a woman from Vranje, a city in southern Serbia. Vranjanka is also the name of a dance that supposedly at one time was popular in the Vranje area, but it appears no such dance exists there today. However the song Šano dušo used to accompany the dance Vranjanka is very popular still in Serbia in general. The Šano Dušo melody was composed prior to 1886 by Josif Marinković, who was trained in classical composition in Prague and Vienna. Wikipedia says “Lieder, composed after the lyrics by romanticist poets and folk motives, occupy the most significant place in Marinković’s oeuvre. He is considered the founder of this genre in Serbian music….Marinković also found his inspiration in the texts close to folk songs and composed in the manner close to folk, establishing in Serbian art music a popular sevdalinka genre.” Lyrics in this case were composed by Dragutin Ilic (1858/1926). For more lyrics, click: https://folkdancefootnotes.org/music/lyrics-english-translations/sano-duso-vranjanka-english-lyrics/

Artist – Sajka

Sheet music below can be downloaded here: http://www.folkloretanznoten.de/Vranjanka_SanoDuso.pdf

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