Yemenite step

The most distinctive feature of Iraeli dancing id the Yemenite step.
Yemen was home to Jews for thousands of years.  Legend has it that Jewish silversmiths were sent to Yemen, then ruled by the Queen of Sheba, around 1000 BCE. In 1949, 50,000 Jews from Yemen were secretly airlifted to Israel, and their arrival had a profound influence on Israeli dance culture.
Here’s the original Yemenite dancing from which the step was extracted.  You can see it briefly at :45 seconds,  2:28 & 2:32.
More examples of Yemenite dancing.  Yemenite step can be seen at 1:20 and 2:00
Here’s how to do the yemenite steps:  Ma Mavu features a Right Yemenite, and both Right and Left Back Yemenites.
Another teaching vid:

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