Mom Bar – Armenia

Mom Bar means “candle dance”, and there are several of them in the Armenian world.  This particular Mom Bar was still being danced in Armenia in the ’90’s.  It is the final dance of a 3-day wedding celebration.  When the groom leads this dance, it’s a tacit message that the party is over.   Unfortunately I have no link to a video of this particular Mom Bar, as taught by Tineke van Geel.
Here’s a couple of links to a simpler Mom Bar.
Same music, but with photos of Armenia.
For yet another, see Mom Bar under 2nd Generation dances.
NOTE:Klaas Bil from the Netherlands has discovered an error in the notes below. Although I wrote these notes, they are here in scanned form and cannot be easily corrected.  Please note that in the section RHYTHM I write “The hand drum accents beats 1,5,6, & 8.”
 The correct accents should be 1,4,6, & 8.

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