Lerikos – Eba Sto Karo


The music below was sung by Rena Dalia, a well-known Greek singer, likely recorded in New York.  The song was called Eba St’ Amaxi (Get in the car, doll).  The word Lerikos doesn’t appear in the lyrics.  In fact “Lerikos” translates as “lyric”!  In the Rena Dalia version, (recorded around 1954-56) she sings “let’s go for a spin to Sheepshead Bay, to Rockaway”, two beach resort areas of New York City.

Screen Shot 2018-03-18 at 3.28.59 PM

Another, 1962 version of the song by Greek singer Kaity Grey has almost identical lyrics; except her suggested spin is to Falera, Tzitzifyes, and Pasalimani, three areas of Piraeus; the port of Athens and home to bouzouki music.

As the song is about Athens and its port Piraeus and has nothing to do with the island of Leros, and since the music commonly used for dancing in North America has references to seaside hangouts in New York City, my singable translation features seaside hangouts near me.  Anyone using my translation should take the liberty of substituting their own locales.


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