Yaylalar (S*)- Turkey

*S is for Song. So? A song and/or melody has a life independent of whatever dance it may be attached to. Why that’s important is explained here.

Yaylalar the song.

Yaylalar  is actually the name of a very popular, (folk?) song.  The earliest version I can find is sung by Ahmet Sezgin, from the early 1970’s.

Yay lyr

The song has been recorded VERY many times since…

It seems the average Turk doesn’t associate Yaylalar the tune with any particular dance.  A friend of mine was in Turkey a couple of years ago, and after watching a performance of Turkish dance, he happened to mention he was taught Yaylalar back in Canada.  The tour guide knew the song well, but said that she didn’t know there was a dance to Yaylalar.   When an opportunity to dance to the music comes, it appears they’ll plug in a standard halay (What I call the Taproot T-6).  Keep watching, they get it together at about the 1:20 mark.

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