Hora Miresei – Romania

Hora Miresei (pronounced HAW-rah mih-RES-see) means “bride’s hora”, and is often danced at the wedding after-party.  The dance is similar to the Hora Mare, but is distinguished by the holding of large lit candles on either side of the bride my significant family members.  For videos, see Romanian Wedding Dances.

For IFD groups, a Hora Miresei, was presented by Nicolaas Hilferink, which seems to stem from the pre-wedding tradition of dressing the bride.  According to Larisa Lucaci* “the bride, at her house, is being dressed by her maids of honor.  It is with great care that her hair is combed and the bridal wreath is made out of coins or natural flowers.  During the dressing ceremony very sad songs are sung to the bride…  The bride answers also with very sad songs, as if to ease her heavy heart, for it should be known that the Romanians sing especially when they are sad.”

Because I could not find a YouTube example of Hilferink’s Hora Miresei being danced in Romania, and because I have trouble believing the maids of honor would have the space to perform Hilferink’s Hora Miresei in the confines of a peasant bride’s room while carefully dressing her,  I have deduced his dance follows the time-honored tradition of creating a choreography to honor a beautiful song.  For Hilferink’s Hora Miresei, and the beautiful song that accompanies it, look under 2nd Generation dances.

*Larisa Lucaci, “The Romanian Wedding” in VILTIS 17:[1] (January-February 1958), p.11

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