Sukačica (S*) – Croatia

*S is for Song. So? A song and/or melody has a life independent of whatever dance it may be attached to. Why that’s important is explained here.

SUKAČICA (SOO-kah-chee-tsah) is, according to Dick Oakes “a Croatian folk song about a sukačica, a woman who prepares the special soups, roast meats, and cakes for the wedding feast held at the bride’s home after the church ceremony. The guests often sang a humorous song (Sukačice, domarice…) in honor of the sukačice and sometimes the song was accompanied by spontaneous dancing, during which the guests might have taken partners and danced their local “drmeš” (shaking dance) in couples or in circles of three or four dancers.”

Here is a medley of Croatian folk songs, Sukačica is the first. During the singing, dancers are demonstrating samples of drmeš moves.

In other words, Sukačica is a folk song. Full stop. In Croatia there is not, and probably never was a dance called Sukačko Kolo. However, Dick Crum did in 1954 observe people in the village of Grančani dancing a drmeš to the song Sukačica. A drmeš could be considered a kind of kolo, so a drmeš danced to the song Sukačica could be called Sukačko Kolo, but that doesn’t make it a singular dance. Nevertheless, Dick taight the dance he saw in Grančani to many people, and he called it Sukačko Kolo. Later, Anthony Shay saw the Croatian national dance troupe LADO perform a somewhat different version of drmeš to the song Sukačica, and he taught it to people as the dance he called Sukačica to avoid confusion with the similar Sukačko Kolo.

I consider both Sukačko Kolo and Sukačica to be 2nd Generation dances, versions of the Living dance drmeš, packaged for the recreational folk dance market. For lyrics to Sukačica, see  

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