Pravo horo (L*) – Bulgaria

*a Living dance is a 1st Generation dance that is still performed in the country of origin (or immigrant communities) as part of a social event like a wedding where others can participate (not for an audience) by people who learned the dance informally (from friends and relatives by observation and imitation, not in a classroom situation). For more information, click here and here.

The dance just about every Bulgarian knows.  There’s a couple of basic versions – here’s the most basic, 6-step version.  It also seems to be the most popular today in Bulgaria.

The dance in action (below) at a shopping mall in Varna.  Notice steps 4 & 6 are not so much kicks as pauses.

Here’s another:

The 12-step version seems to be called Pravo trakijsko horo these days (“Thracian” Pravo).  Below is a “class” showing the 6-step (1st minute, then some teaching of the 12-step (about a minute), then the 12-step  (2 minutes or so), followed by an unknown dance.

Here’s my slightly outdated notes, in the sense that it gives the impression the 12-step version is most popular, and that variations are common.   Simple 6-step is most common now.


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