Alta es la Luna – English lyrics

There are MANY YouTubes of this song. These are closer to its Sephardic roots.

Artists: Qiyans Krets & Oscar Fredriks Kammarkör
Samira Kadiri, Ensemble Arabesque, Nabil Akbib.
The 1995 original. Vocalist, Savina Yannatou.
Alta es la luna                            Translation

Alta alta es la luna                      So high is the moon,
cuando empeza a esclarecer.    when dawn approaches.
Hija hermosa y sin ventura        Never should a lovely and luckless
nunca llegue a nacer.                 lass get born.

Los ojos me se hincheron          My eyes have swollen 
de tanto mirar la mar;                watching the sea;
vaporicos van y vienen,             ships come and go
letra para mi no hay.                  no letter have they for me.

Mi querido es hermoso,             My lad is handsome, 
dos taras tiene con él:               but he’s got two foibles:
la una, que arroja dados,           one is that he shoots craps,
la otra, que echa ses bes.         the other: he throws fives and sixes. 

Mi querido es alto y vano          (He is reckless.) My lad is tall and cocky,
y una vara de espander:            like a clothesline pole:
mi madre hizo colada,               my mom hung the clothes,
lo metió a detener.                    and made him hold them up. 

Source: Primavera in Salonico liner notes, and p://

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