Horehronsky Cardas – Singable “To ta Hel’pa”

TO TA HEL’PA (THIS IS HEL’PA)  Singable Translation by Don Buskirk

To ta Hel’pa on the Hron , a pretty, friendly town.

And in Hel’pa, my home Hel’pa, handsome boys abound.

//There’s so many, but they’re merely more I am forsaking.

Only for one, only for one, my poor heart is aching.//


For a Johnny, for a Pauly, wouldn’t take a step.

For that Mikey, for that boy, the Danube I would jump!

//Dunaj*, Dunaj, Dunaj, Dunaj, plus a field of grain.

Only for one, only for one, I would jump again.//

*Slovak for Danube River

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