Savila se Bela Loza – Serbia

Savila se Bela Loza is a Serbian folk song.

In Serbia, the song is danced to no particular choreography.  Most Serbs consider this a children’s dance, judging by Serbian You Tubes, almost all of which show children performing on stages.  Whether the kids also dance it for fun is difficult to determine.

Here’s how to do it, International Folk Dance – style.

It’s usually done in a serpentine line (below)

And many other fancy configurations (below)


Savila se bela loza vinova     / Uz tarabu vinova./3

/ Todo Todi podvalio  tri put curu poljubio./3

To ne beše bela loza vinova      / uz tarabu vinova./3

Već to beše dvoje mili i dragi,    / dvoje mili i dragi./3

Alternate last verse:
Već to bilo dvoje milo i drago,     / dvoje milo i drago./3

The white wine grapevine wound around the fence.

/Todor tricked Toda/3,  kissed the girl three times.

That was not the fair grapevine  around the fence.

Rather, that was two lovers, two lovers.

Source; MIT Folk Dance Club Songbook

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