Floricică, (1*) – Romania, N.W. Bulgaria

*1st Generation dance. A dance that developed in a traditional way – not ‘taught’ by a teacher or choreographer, but ‘learned’ by observing and imitating others in your “village”, where the village’s few dances were the only dances anyone knew. It usually is ‘generic’ – the dance pattern is fairly simple and not tied to any particular piece of music. The dance phrase may or may not match any musical phrase, but the music’s rhythm must be suitable for performing the footwork. This dance may have many variations, but they’re performed at the whim or inspiration of the leader or (sometimes) any other dancer so long as it doesn’t interfere with the flow of neighboring dancers. For more, click here, here, and here.

For information about Floricică in general and Living Floricică dances, click: https://folkdancefootnotes.org/dance/a-real-folk-dance-what-is-it/about/__trashed/

By my definition, 1st Generation dances are those considered an important part of an area’s heritage. Even though they are no longer Living (i.e. danced regularly at social events by the average villager), local performing groups consider it worthwhile to demonstrate them in a simple manner as they would be danced in the village “for the record”, not gussied up for spectacle.

There are many other dances named Floricică, some of which have qualifiers like Floricică de la Munte. Usually the qualifiers indicate a 2nd Generation dance.

For more 2ndG Floricică dances click: Click: https://folkdancefootnotes.org/dance/a-real-folk-dance-what-is-it/2nd-generation-dances/floricica-6-examples-2ndg-romania/

For information about Floricică Olteneasca, a 2nd Generation dance, click: https://folkdancefootnotes.org/dance/a-real-folk-dance-what-is-it/2nd-generation-dances/floricica-olteneasca-romanian/

Floricică from 6.:50 – 7:29. The simplicity of a village dance, in a suite of other simple village dances.

Yves Moreau taught a village Floricică from the Vlach community of NW Bulgaria. To purchase a video of Yves demonstrating this dance, click: http://www.bourque-moreau.com/bali.html

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