Louky (2*)- seuBohemian

*2nd Generation dance. A dance that developed and was disseminated in a non-traditional way. 2G dances are specific – have a fixed format designed to correspond with the arrangement of a particular recording., whereas 1G dances are generic – have a shorter sequence that works with live music – where many different songs are played and arrangements vary according to the tastes of musicians and dancers. For more on the differences between 1st & 2nd G dances click here.

Dr. František Bonuš of the University of Prague taught this dance to Richard Duree in 1992.  The haunting folk music is supposedly from the 15th century, as are the dance steps.  I can find no examples of this being danced in the Czech Republic today.  Also, the instrumentation sounds more modern, and the tight correspondence between recording and dance figures leads me to conclude this is a modern 2nd Generation choreography to an ancient folk song.


Louky lyr

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