Čoček (L*)- Roma & Gadje – Macedonia, Turkey

*a Living dance is a 1st Generation dance that is still performed in the country of origin (or immigrant communities) as part of a social event like a wedding where others can participate (not for an audience) by people who learned the dance informally (from friends and relatives by observation and imitation, not in a classroom situation). For more information, click here and here.

Now for #1, the Boxell version. (gadje) 2 examples

Here’s a gadje (non-Roma) version #2, the Bettis version. 2 examples.

Finally, a rather staid (gadje?) solo

Here’s a couple of Roma versions.  The first uses the Turkish spelling of Čoček, so it may be from Turkey.

And another – a curiously family affair

Here’s a couple of Romani brass bands performing Čoceks

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