Tino Mori – English lyrics

From the 1993 Folk Dance Problem Solver:
“Some 25 km west-southwest of the Macedonian-Greek-Bulgarian juncture, lies the lake and market town of Dojran.  Some 30 km beyond that, just across the Vardar River, lies Gevgelija [hard G’s], the casino town for northern Greece before the current troubles began.  While the song mentions Gevgelija, the text indicates that poor Tino was sent to Gevgelija, presumably from some other place where the singer still is.”
The Solver notes that another recording*, titled Mori na daleku, sino mori, has the same melody but somewhat different lyrics, which read:
Mori na daleko, sino, sino mori             It is far away, my dear one,
dori preko Vardar,                                   there across the Vardar,
dori preko Vardar, de!                            there across the Vardar, de!
Dori preko Vardar, Sino, sino mori     There across the Vardar, my dear,           
doj’ na Gevgelija,                                     down there at Gevgelija,
doj’ na Gevgelija,, de!                              down there at Gevgelija, de!
Lomax’s liner notes describe the song as:
 “Performed by a group of women from Lake Dojran.  These old women are the wives of fishermen on Lake Dojran and they are making nets as they sing.  Only the beginning of the song is heard on the record.”
The Solver goes on to surmise “So the original song probably comes from Dojran, in southeastern Macedonia.”
*From Alan Lomax’s epic World Library of Folk and Primitive Music, Volume 5, Yugoslavia
Bog da bie, Tino mori,
Tino mori tvoj’ta stara majka,
Tino mori, Tino mori,
Tvojot stari tatko de.
Što mi te armasaja,
Tino, Tino mori, mnogu na daleku,
Tino mori, Tino mori,
Dur na Gjevgjelija de.
Dur na Gjevgjelija, Tino,
Tino mori za Deljo Turundžula,
Tino mori, Tino mori,
Za Deljo Turundžula de.
Deljo bolen leži, Tino,
Tino mori Deljo kje da umri,
Tino mori, Tino mori,
Deljo kje da umri de.
Nad glava mu stoji, Tino,
Tino mori trujca ikimdžii,
Tino mori, Tino mori,
Trujca ikimdžii de.
English translation, same source:
May God smite, Tina, Tina,
your old mother, Tina, Tina,
Your old father.
For they have married you off,
Tina, Tina, very far away,
Tina, Tina,
All the way to G’evg’elija.
All the way to G’evg’elija,
Tina, Tina, to Deljo Turundzula,
Tina, Tina,
To Deljo Turundzula.Deljo lies ill,
Tina, Tina,
Deljo will die,
Tina, Tina,
Deljo will die.At his head stand,
Tina, Tina,
a trio of doctors,
Tina, Tina,
A trio of doctors.
Here’s the recording first used to accompany the dance Atanas Kolarovski taught to North Americans in the 1960’s.
And a current favorite:
For more examples of  Macedonians singing Tino Mori, see Tino Mori – Is It a Macedonian Dance? under DANCE>3c. – 2nd GENERATION DANCES

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