Hora Medura – English lyrics

Hora Medura (Hoh-rah meh-doo-RAH) “Hora of the Campfire”, “Campfire Hora” is a song composed in 1934 or 35, when Palestine was a British ‘protectorate’. Most European Jewish settlers were fleeing persecution in Russia, but also Eastern Europe in general, and, increasingly, newly-Nazified Germany. For more on how Palestine became Israel, see https://folkdancefootnotes.org/dance/dance-information/israel-early-israeli-dance/ Originally, the generic Jewish Hora was danced to this song. For more about the Jewish Hora, see: https://folkdancefootnotes.org/dance/a-real-folk-dance-what-is-it/about/hora-jewish-israeli-dance/

Song written 1934 or 35. Lyrics: Nathan Alterman (1910-1970). Music: Joel Velba (or Valbe, Walbe) (1898-1982). Recorded 1935 or 36. Performed by Mordechai Roth (1902-1986)
Lyrics: Nathan Alterman (1910-1970).

Banu b'li kol vachol We came with nothing ‎
Anu ani'yei etmol We, the poor of yesterday. ‎
Lanu hagoral masar To us, fate gave
Et milyonei hamachar The millions of tomorrow. ‎

Tzei na lama'agal Come out to the circle, ‎
Ten na shir mizmor ladal Let’s have a song for the poor.
Heina ne'esfu lirkod Here have gathered to dance,
Bnei ha'oni vehashot The sons of poverty and the whip. ‎

Hora ali, ali Hora arise, arise! ‎
Esh hadliki beleili Light a fire in my night.‎
Tehora, rabat ora Pure and full of light,‎
Hora medura! Campfire hora!‎

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