Te Aven Baxtale – Sheet Music

Te av SM

Here’s the original recording:

Lyrics Source: http://www.dunav.org.il/lyrics/te_aven_baxtale_lyrics.pdf

Haj, Devla, Devla so kerdyom,
Pala, Devla, pala matilyom.

//T’aven t’aven baxtale,
Ol bare haj ol tikne,
Murro trajo luludyi, Ande ratyi.//

Hajde, romnyej, romnyej te zhas,
The has te pijas haj te gilyabas.


Deman, Devla adyes te trajisau,
Le hurde, bare ka te dikhau.


Deman, Devla, Devla sastipe,
Le romnyake haj le xurdorre.


La La, etc

English Translation –                                                                                                  
God, what have I done?
Again, Lord, I’ve become drunk.

May you be lucky!                                                        Grownups and children,                                                         My life is like a flower in the night.

Come, woman, let’s go,                                                           Eat drink and sing.

Give me, Lord, today to live,
So I may see the small ones grow up.
Give me, Lord, good health,
For the woman and the children.


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