Sadi Moma Sheet Music

There are many opinions about how to count and therefore annotate the rhythm of this dance. See the COMMENTS

Sadi Moma SM1
Sadi Moma SM2
Sadi Moma SM3
Sadi Moma SM4
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Craig Paul, Kaneohe, Hawaii, wrote: “I see that Sadi Moma is commonly given a time signature of 7/8, yet the only instance I find of it in Bulgarian songbooks have it in 8/8 (3+2+3) and Yves’ recording is likewise in 8.
For those who can’t “hear” that 8/8 I’ve extracted the vocal and arranged”non-traditional” music around it. Both versions (and I may do more) are “drop-in replacements” for the dance music we all know.

Craig Paul’s Sadi Moma midi in 8 & vocal
Craig Paul’s Sadi Moma for sax & vocal

Jutta Weber-Karn, Darmstadt, Germany wrote: “Just saw your entry on Folkdance Footnotes with sheet music for Sadi moma.
I absolutely concur with the comment by Craig Paul about the original recording as used by Yves being in 8 – I’d rather say 8/16, instead of 8/8, matching the Bulgarian sheet music page he posted, but this is mainly a matter of speed perception. The rhythm, on the other hand, can be counted. And while the song part in Dobrinka Šangova’s recording clearly has a 3-2-3 rhythm, the instrumental part is played in 3-3-2. This is quite exceptional; I’ve never before found such a combination in old recordings – or transcriptions. It would be interesting to know if there are more.
Anyway, here is my sheet music:”

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