Vallja E Rrajcës (L*) – South Albania

Rrajca  also  Rrajcë

Vallja e Rrajcës translates literally as “dance from Rrajca”. Rrajca is an Albanian town, only 2 miles from North Macedonia, and almost but not quite on Lake Ohrid (one of Europe‘s deepest and oldest lakes, with a unique aquatic ecosystem of worldwide importance, with more than 200 endemic species. Wikipedia.)

Caption: “This video aims to show the nature, rites, customs, costumes and folk dance of the village Rrajce in the district of Librazhd.” 2009.

There is a 2nd Generation dance with the same name, but different rhythm and footwork. It can be seen here.

The Living Dance

An older film of a performing group doing the dance – no more recent than 1980’s
A recent traditional performance, featuring drum and Zurna accompaniment. 2021
Here you can get a good look at the Living version – a simple Taproot T-4. R,L,R,R-hop, L,R,L,L-hop. Many variations. 2021. About half of the 30-odd Vallja e Rrajcës YouTubes show events like this – not performances.
Another fine example of the importance of live musicians. 2015
Great party! Skip to 0:58. 2011 

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