Ja Posejah Lubenice – Serbia

Ja Posijah Lubenica is a Serbian folk song.


Ja posejah lubenice pokraj vode Studenice,

CHORUS:  Seno, slama, seno, slama, zob, zob, zob, zob, zob, zob

“Navadi se seka Dora, pa odnese troja kola,


Ja uhvatih seka Doru, odvedoh je svome dvoru


I sowed watermelons by the water of Studenica,

CHORUS: Hay, straw, hay, straw, oats, oats, oats, oats, oats, oats "

"Dora came along and took three carts away, "


"I caught Dora, I took her to my (court?)



I sowed watermelon seeds.
Watered them, they grew like weeds.

CHORUS: Hay-ay, stra-aw, hay-ay, stra-aw, 
                   oats, oats, oats; oats, oats, oats 

Dora picked up all the melons
Filled three carts, and went off to sell 'em

CHORUS: Hay-ay, stra-aw, hay-ay, stra-aw, 
                   oats, oats, oats; oats, oats, oats 
This looks like fun! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pmZUlKE8r48

Serbs have a simple dance that accompanies the song.  Simple, yes, suitable for children, yes, but of the 7 YouTubes I have of Serb children dancing, no 2 are the same.  Here we have 4 side-steps to R & L, step in, out, in, out, Stamp x 3, Clap x 3.  Two other dances follow.

This one has 4 side-steps to R & L, 1 side-step R, L, R, L, Stamp x 3, Clap x 3.

Same as above, except repeat first side-steps.

The teacher below stamps while clapping.

Below a lot of steps are replaced with stamps.

These kids seem to be trying to introduce a new step at the end.

And these guys are getting quite creative.  Ja Posijah Lubenica is only the first dance in a medley.

Could this be the “official” version? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ubVmHfd00E

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