Ja Posejah Lubenice – Serbia

Ja Posijah Lubenica is a Serbian folk song.

“Ja posejah lubenice pokraj vode Studenice,

CHORUS:  Seno, s lama ,seno, slama, zob, zob, zob, zob, zob, zob ”

“Navadi se seka Dora, pa odnese troja kola, ”


“Ja uhvatih seka Doru, odvedoh je svome dvoru


TRANSLATION: The first line is about sowing watermelon seeds by the Studenica River. The Chorus, second and third verses are garbled by Google Translate, but have something to do with Dora taking a break and the singer taking something of hers.  Please provide a better translation if you can!

Serbs have a simple dance that accompanies the song.  Simple, yes, suitable for children, yes, but of the 7 YouTubes I have of Serb children dancing, no 2 are the same.  Here we have 4 side-steps to R & L, step in, out, in, out, Stamp x 3, Clap x 3.  Two other dances follow.


This one has 4 side-steps to R & L, 1 side-step R, L, R, L, Stamp x 3, Clap x 3.

Same as above, except repeat first side-steps.

The teacher below stamps while clapping.

Below a lot of steps are replaced with stamps.

These kids seem to be trying to introduce a new step at the end.

And these guys are getting quite creative.  Ja Posijah Lubenica is only the first dance in a medley.

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