Dospatsko horo – Sheet music

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Excerpt from Folk Dance Problem Solver ©1997 by Ron Houston “According to all Bulgarian sheet music and to Rosen Toshov’s book [Akro Taktovi: Eseta (Sofia, 1994)] Dospatsko has an 8/8 rhythm of slow, quick, slow, counted 1-2-3, 4-5, 6-7-8. Contemporary arrangements, however, present the rhythm as 7/8 (slow, quick-quick), perhaps confusing it with the more common lesnoto rhythm of Macedonia to the southwest.
Most Rhodope tunes use a sustained E minor drone because the Rhodope kaba gayda [flabby bagpipe] can produce only that bass accompaniment. Dospatsko, however, used the fundamental chord-chord bass line and originally was played on tupan (drum) and zurna (ear-spliting tool of the devil), indicating vestigial Turkish influence.”
Dospatsko in 8/8. Music – “Tezhkoto” by the Zornitsa Orchestra, on Balkanfolk records, issued 2002.
The 7/8 version used by Yves Moreau.
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