KOLO (L*), Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia

*a Living dance is a 1st Generation dance that is still performed in the country of origin (or immigrant communities) as part of a social event like a wedding where others can participate (not for an audience) by people who learned the dance informally (from friends and relatives by observation and imitation, not in a classroom situation). For more information, click here and here.

Užičko Kolo, Moravac, Gocino Kolo, Kukunješće, Žikino Kolo, U Šest

Many names for essentially the same dance.  It’s the most popular dance in Serbia, also common in Croatia, & Bosnia. So common, in fact that if someone says “Let’s dance kolo”, this is the kolo they’re talking about.  Moravac, the name of a melody, tends to be slower and simpler, Užičko (a more recent melody) tends to be faster. The basic pattern in both cases is 8 counts to the R starting on the R foot, then 8 counts starting to the L on the L foot.  Whatever footwork you do to the R, you repeat mirror-image to the L.

Here’s some basic lessons:

Moravac – basic and variations

Here’s Užičko in action (below)

This one (below) demonstrates how people can dance differently in the same line.

Here we are in Bosnia (above)

And among Croatians, where its sometimes called Kukunješće

It can be sedate (above), or energetic (below)

Here’s some fancy steppin’ (below and below)

In 7/8 time, it becomes Žikino Kolo (also popular in Turkey, below)


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