Schioapa (1stG) – Romania

Schioapa (shkew-AH-pah), “limping”, refers to two VERY different Romanian dances.

In 1979 Mihai David introduced this Schioapa, a dance he says is from Oltenia.

I can find no YouTubes of a Schioapa similar to this being performed anywhere in Romania, either on or off the stage.  However, in the definitive book (in English, anyway) Romanian Traditional Dance, by Giurchescu & Bloland (1995), Schioapa is listed as a dance common in Oltenia, and further states that it’s related to Calus rituals.

Here’s a YouTube of a Schioapa, from Cajvana, which is in northern Muntenia, (quite a distance from Oltenia).  It looks very different from Mihai’s dance.

It’s the only Romanian Schioapa YouTube I could find that wasn’t an example of the other Romanian Schioapa (also listed in Romanian Traditional Dance, & which is in the uneven 9/16 rhythm).  For the Living Schioapa popular in Romania today, see DANCE>3a.-LIVING DANCES>Schioapa.

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