Kuma Echa – Singable English Lyrics

Come, O Brothers round and round,
Rest tomorrow, in song now resound,
None here is first and none here is last,
Hands on shoulders hold firm and fast.

This day will set, a new day will dawn,
Brother to brother in love will be drawn,
Men of the pen and men of the plow,
All in accord then to one God will bow.



Kuma echa, sovah sov,
al tanucha, shovah shov,
ein kan rosh ve’ein kan sof,
yad el yad – al ta’azov!

Yom shak’a veyom yiz’rach,
anu nefen ach el ach,
min hak’far umin hak’rach,
bechermesh uva’anach.

Yitzchak Shenhar

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