Tai Tai (L*)- Greece

*a Living dance is a 1st Generation dance that is still performed in the country of origin (or immigrant communities) as part of a social event like a wedding where others can participate (not for an audience) by people who learned the dance informally (from friends and relatives by observation and imitation, not in a classroom situation). For more information, click here and here.

The following quote is from the best book available on Greek dances – Traditional Dance in Greek Culture by Yvonne Hunt, 1996.
“Another dance of interest is the Tai Tai of Aidonohori. Here we find once more a dance performed during the Easter season. According to Stratou (1979:113) it is danced only the first three days of Easter – Easter Sunday, Monday and Tuesday – and closes the Easter celebration on Tuesday before the priest rings the bell announcing vespers. This is danced by both men and women in a crossed-handhold which allows the men to raise to raise their arms over the heads of the women at one point in the music, creating two lines – men and women – but still linked by handkerchiefs between the first man and woman as well as the last man and woman. It is always danced to the same tune which is sung by the dancers.”

Tai Tai as performed in its home village, Aidonochori, Thessaly.
Aidonochori, home of Tai Tai, is the red dot.

Some photos of Aidonochori here: https://www.google.com/maps/place/Aidonochori+430+68,+Greece/@39.0942628,21.9707779,15z/data=!4m13!1m7!3m6!1s0x135f2c6b7949da63:0xc6470033129f47ea!2sAidonochori+430+68,+Greece!3b1!8m2!3d39.0942628!4d21.9707779!3m4!1s0x135f2c6b7949da63:0xc6470033129f47ea!8m2!3d39.0942628!4d21.9707779

As performed by the Dora Stratou company.

Here’s printed instructions and lyrics and translations for the song. http://www.socalfolkdance.org/dances/T/Tai-Tai.pdf

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