Kirmizi Biber (2*)- seuTurkish

*2nd Generation dance. A dance that developed and was disseminated in a non-traditional way. 2G dances are specific – have a fixed format designed to correspond with the arrangement of a particular recording., whereas 1G dances are generic – have a shorter sequence that works with live music – where many different songs are played and arrangements vary according to the tastes of musicians and dancers. For more on the differences between 1st & 2nd G dances click here.

Kirmizi Biber – food

(I’m quoting from this site) Kirmizi biber Kirmizi Biber” are Turkish red pepper flakes (this name is also used to describe whole chili peppers). It is one of the most useful and popular spices in Turkish cooking. The flavor of this fine blend of chilli peppers ranges from mild and sweet (the version I have) to fiercely hot. The peppers are rubbed with olive oil and gently roasted until dark red giving it an unmistakable as well as unique flavour and aroma. The spice is undoubtably popular in Turkey. Googling Kirmizi Biber I found 50 YouTubes of cooking videos! Unfortunately, all are in Turkish.

Kirmizi Biber – Hit music video

According to Wikipedia “Bendeniz (born Deniz Çelik; 25 July 1973) is a SwissTurkish pop musician who is well known in Turkey.” Indeed, the song below “Kirmizi Biber” (also written by her) was from her 9th album, released in 2005.

After watching the video, one might conclude the lyrics are not, however, about cooking. The only mention in the lyrics of Kirmizi Biber is in the sixth from last line, where the singer claims she refrained from rubbing “the red pepper on your honey-pouring tongue”. To put red pepper on somebody’s tongue is a Turkish idiom, which means to punish. For lyrics and an English translation, click

Kirmizi Biber – Dances

I can find no Turkish YouTubes of someone dancing to Kirmizi Biber. However this one below, whose comments are primarily in a Scandanavian language, could be an indication of youth in Istanbul, though likely not further east. I did find 3 YouTubes of belly dancers from New Zealand, South Carolina, and ???.

Beaufort, South Carolina

Not to be outdone, in 2009 Roberto Bagnoli choreographed the dance below, incorporating some Eastern Turkish motifs.

Burnaby, BC, Canada
Tucson, AZ
Kolo Dragan

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