Katjushka, Vallja e Katjushkës, Pajtushka (L*) – Albanian

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One thought on “Katjushka, Vallja e Katjushkës, Pajtushka (L*) – Albanian

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  1. I have had the pleasure of “learning” this dance several times. The first time was in an Albanian bar in St. Louis on the anniversary of Albanian independence. That group of young immigrant women did 4 variations (adding turns and claps, but basically the same dance). They called it Kajtushka (as did one of our instructors in Albania). I just got back from southern Albania where it was both taught and just “done in line”. Claps were added during the 3 steps to the left, as well as on the final “cross step” (as on some of your videos). In Saranda they omitted the claps altogether. By the way, doing the 3 R-Ls to the left as a grapevine is a very “north Macedonian” thing to do – the Bulgarians do not normally do Pajduško that way. Arm swings are not done in Albania. The melody in most of your YouTube videos was common, but the band almost always switched to other tunes as the dance went on, particularly “Barbaro Vasiliko”. Of all the places we danced, all the locals did it.


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