Ördög útja, Drumul dracului (L*) – Csángó

Click: https://folkdancefootnotes.org/dance/a-real-folk-dance-what-is-it/about/ordog-utja-drumul-dracului-l/

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  1. Moldvai Csángó dances are poorly represented in the US. A few groups do Ördög Utja/Drumul Dracului, but, very few others. As your post shows, this stuff is popular all over, wherever recreational folk dancing exists, and among young people. I was a bit dismayed that the American recordings veered toward the unidiomatic Romanian State Ensemble style. Of great amusement is the number of performances by medieval recreator groups, you presented. This stuff is big in several European countries, where muscled young men in leather tunics beat large drums and play bagpipes. Latvia has several such groups. Even the US has the Society for Creative Anachronism which is more toned down, and less prone to a nationalistic fringe.

    Still, there is time for more of these dances to be taught here. Dances like the Bulgaros you showed, Nyelu (like our group in St. Louis does), and others, have plenty of good music available. When was the last time you visited an American Recreational folk dance group with 50+ young people like you have in some of your Hungarian videos?


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